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Supremos are a class of powerful special weapons in Far Cry 6 that can devastate enemies or aid players in combat. In this guide, we’re going to look at the different Supremo weapons available, what they do, how to get them, and how to use them.

Supremo Overview

The Supremo class of weapons unlock early in the game. After you complete the Du or Die mission for Juan Cortez he will show you how to make Supremo weapons on the workbench. Supremo weapons are large backpacks that have a variety of special abilities. The first Supremo weapon available is called the “Exterminador”. The Exterminador has the ability to launch the “Armagedon Strike”, a powerful special move that launches a series of rockets into the air which then lock onto enemies and explodes on impact. Supremo weapons can be modified with gadget mods and regular mods to make them more powerful and they can even be customized with different appearances. Supremos can only be used when the “V” meter at the bottom right of the screen is full so make sure you use them wisely.

What Supremos are there?

Aside from the first Supremo, the Exterminador, there are six other Supremos that can be unlocked throughout the game. Each Supremo has a unique ability but due to their high depleted uranium cost (100 each), it may be a good idea to plan which ones you want ahead of time. You also need to hunt around the map and unlock various missions to find them all.

Fantasma, the second Supremo, can be acquired from Juan or one of his arms dealers. Fantasma has the ability to launch a poisonous gas that turns enemies on one another, making the bad guys fight each other instead of you. Very handy for creating diversions or if you are overwhelmed in combat.

Volta, the third Supremo, can also be acquired from Juan or one of his arms dealers. Volta has the power to emit an EMP pulse that knocks enemies over, disables security systems, and enables players to hijack enemy vehicles. Although Volta is less deadly than the first two Supremos it can be very useful if you don’t necessarily need help killing enemies. Hence why it is a “Stealth Supremo”.

Furioso, the fourth Supremo, can only be acquired from Juan or one of his arms dealers after reaching rank 3, “Exploradora”. Furioso emits an explosive ring that roasts enemies in the vicinity. It also has the power to thrust you forward while in mid-air. Furioso is a great last-ditch Supremo. If you are becoming surrounded by enemies and need a quick way out then Furioso is the Supremo for you.

Medico, like Furioso, is locked behind a rank. Players can unlock Medico after they reach rank 4, “Espia”, at which point it can then be acquired from Juan or one of his arms dealers. Medico is one of the defender supremos, like Furioso. As the name suggests, Medico allows players to self-revive and rapidly heal themselves and nearby allies. As the description in the game says, Medico is “great for Co-op”. Every Co-op team should have a Medico in their squad.

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Gladiador is locked behind rank 5, “Cabo”. After reaching “Cabo” players can get Gladiador from Juan or one of his arms dealers. Gladiador allows players to fly into a fit of rage. Once in the fit of rage speed and health will be boosted which allows players to machete kill everyone who dares to get in their way. Perfect for dispatching of large groups of enemies quickly.

The last Supremo, Triador, is awarded after completing the “Triada Blessings” side quests. With Triador players can use the power of the Oluwas to mark enemies who are in cover. When combined with the La Varita rifle the enemies can then be shot through that cover. Obviously an incredibly useful ability, hence why it is locked behind the side quests which take place across all three main regions of Yara.

Which Supremo do you want to get for your character? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re just getting into the game, there are lots to do. Fighting a war is tough, try upgrading your weapons if you find enemies too strong. As you’re adventuring, you might want to know how to take down bases. You can then use them to fast travel around. There are even cool animal companions like Guapo, that you can take around.

Far Cry 6 is available now on Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

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