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Path of Exile releases console patch and new cosmetics

Path of Exile: Metamorph

This week, GGG released Patch 3.9.2b on both console platforms. This patch did help fix a handful of issues for various elements within the console versions of Path of Exile. Most of the fixes focused on crashing issues and other major problems, mostly because it’s the first major patch for the console launch of Metamorph League, and GGG wanted it to work out some kinks. However there was a problem, it appears the patch has introduced a crash problem of it’s own though. The developer has a tentative fix planned for later this week though. PS4 and Xbox One players need not despair.

Grinding Gear Games isn’t done with Path of Exile news yet though, as there some spiffy new content to feast your eyes on. The Fire, Lightning and Ice Balls offer plenty of simple goodness to the already expansive cash shop. These fairly bright and colorful balls each leave behind trails of elemental energy that adds a fair bit of flair to any POE build.

Check out the new MTX elements in the trailer down below.

The other little bit of news this week is that Grinding Gear Games also recently unveiled some interesting new concept art. The concept art is related to the light and dark themes of the Supporter Packs for Path Of Exile 3.9, and includes some very slick designs. Players and fans can get a nice peek behind the scenes of development and see how GGG creates art by checking out the concept art on the main POE forum.

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The Supporter Packs are pretty cool all on their own though, even without the wild concept art. It’s a great way to let fans support the developer while also handing them tons of Points to use on MTX and account features, and finally giving them some really sweet exclusive cosmetic items for their in-game characters.

Path of Exile is out now and is free-to-play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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