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Raptors in Warframe are a Corpus boss, found on a specific mission within the Star Chart. These bosses are rather tough and deal a lot of damage. The Raptors are part of the boss mission on the Europa node Naamah, and they are actually kind of tough. These monstrous flying bosses fire lasers and drop explosives, they’re no slouch. Their mortar barrage is extremely lethal for example.

The Raptors are invulnerable from their backs, and will only take damage to their non-shelled robotic underbellies and wings. Luckily, since they fly, this is more or less all there is to hit. The Raptors also posses shields that regenerate when not taking damage. Keep mobile and hit the wings. You can cheese the fight a bit by hiding in the building at the back of the arena and dealing chip damage to drop their health. once the Raptor is within a couple shots of death, run out and let the Raptor follow you to right over the vent you need to destroy. If you position yourself right when you shoot them, the explosive charge should drop right down on top of either you or the vent. Just run the charge to the vent and drop it in to complete that round.

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The boss fight itself involves killing a Raptor from each of the vents in the arena. Each Raptor killed drops an explosive charge that must be dropped in a vent within 10 seconds to destroy that vent. The system is kind of finicky, and new players might mess it up the first time they play through the mission. You need to repeat the process a few times to complete the mission. Each completion rewards one of the Nova blueprints. Upon destruction of the final Raptor, players are rewarded with a random Nova component blueprint.

Tips to kill Raptors in Warframe

  • Use Radiation Damage – medium or long-range weapons will be perfect for making quick work of the armor and shield defenses
  • Use CC – Warframe abilities like Rhino’s slowdow are great for locking Raptors down.
  • Having a good amount of defense is essential as Raptors hit very hard.
  • There’s a small building at the back of the arena that the player can hide in if they need to regen shields.
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