Where to find copper in Minecraft

How to Wax Copper in Minecraft

Copper in Minecraft is a new block that was added in a recent patch from the Caves&Cliffs update. The new block was added in a major update that brought in a new block for the first time since Emeralds were introduced. The block in its raw form can be mined with a basic stone pickaxe, and then must be melted down. But some Minecraft players seem to have trouble finding the stuff. Here’s some help.

Where to find copper in Minecraft?

You can find Copper Ore anywhere underground from Y -16 to Y 112.  The best places to find it are on shallower Z-levels. The ore can be found on many layers, pretty much any chunk layer with Iron on it can also spawn Copper.

The real cool thing about this new ore occurs when it’s smelted. It will patina over time, taking on a green hue. The smelted blocks start out with a very bright color, dulling to green as they are exposed to the elements. Players can lock in the state of a copper block by applying beeswax to it. This will allow you to change its color, and then lock it in. You can also reset the color of a block by melting it down again. But you need to go through some extra steps, namely having the patinaed block struck by lightning.

You can also find Amethyst Geodes that contain sparkling crystals, as well as tough basalt, in this new update. So get out there and explore, and build something beautiful.

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