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CCP changing star and wormhole visuals in future EVE Online update

EVE Online Planets

If you’re an avid EVE Online player, you have no doubt taken notice of how beautiful this game can be as you’re zipping around the hundreds of star systems in New Eden. A big part of that beauty comes from the various stars, planets, stations and background sky boxes that make up the actual space around us.

But if you’re playing on low-end hardware, much of that natural wonderment is lost as shaders, lighting effects and textures are stripped down to basically nothing. Well now, CCP is planning to change that with a pretty substantial overhaul to visual effects in-space. The focus right now looks to be on changing the visual effects for stars and wormhole entrances in their entirety.

The coronal and warping effects around both of these object types will be shifted to have a more dramatic effect on both high and low graphical settings. It doesn’t appear as though this visual change will have too much performance impact, but spaghetti code, so you never know.

On the whole, the ability to “peek” a wormhole to see what’s on the other side doesn’t look to be adversely affected either. In actuality, the visual effects will be made more striking, so that it’s easier to tell at a glance what type of hole it is, and what its remaining age and mass limits are.

If you want to see what the new effects will look like, check a couple of preview images from CCP out below.

Previous updates to the game have introduce the maligned NullSec “Blackout”, a removal of local chat in Null Security space, completely changing the way many people play the game by depriving them of easy intel and situational awareness. Then there was the introduction of a Triglavian Invasion that offered the lore-friendly explanation for this blackout.

And with this future update later this month, CCP looks to be shifting focus on shaking up other areas as well, although not quite as dramatically. If you want to learn more, read the full developer blog.

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