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Amnesia Rebirth immerses you in its terrifying story with new trailer

Amnesia: Rebirth Environments Trailer

Frictional Games introduced Amnesia: The Dark Descent onto the gaming scene years ago, and it has never been the same. And it looks like they want to get something even scarier and more traumatizing this time around. Thomas Grip, Frictional Games’ co-founder and creative director, stated that “there’s not really any activity that’s central to horror games… it’s the emotions that you evoke.  And that apparently means some real scares are headed our way. Amnesia Rebirth is about to burst onto the scene.

The new game will hold players head underneath the water of some strongly disturbing currents. They don’t just want you to play the game… they want you to feel haunted and like you can’t escape. The core themes and settings are being tuned to make the game more immersive, while also including a much more interesting visual style.

We see some of this stuff going on in the new trailer for Amnesia Rebirth. Players will take on the role of a young man named Salim, one of several people marooned with his fellow crewmates of the ill-fated Cassandra. The journey to safety from this isolated hell will be harrowing and you’re going to never be ready for what’s coming.

The developers are building a “newer and better version” of the older games into this experience. That means even old hats at these games are in for a shock.

if you want to get scurred, feel free to check out the trailer below. Amnesia: Rebirth is set for release on PlayStation 4 and PC from October 20.

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