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Sea of Thieves’ new Affiliate Alliance helps new players

Sea of Thieves’ new Affiliate Alliance Announced

Rare has made quite the splash with the cartoony and fun Sea of Thieves, as who doesn’t love to sail the high seas. The game has tons to do, and plenty of skeletons to shoot, but those bony bois are just the beginning. With the Legends of the Sea update and all the other free content updates, there’s more to do in Sea of Thieves than ever before. However, all that complexity comes at a cost. New players may find themselves at a severe disadvantage when hunting for people to game with, as these kinds of online games are best when played with a group. So now Rare has partnered with player groups and the community to create a new system for players to find a group to play with.

Named the Affiliate Alliance, the new addon to Rare’s open-world pirate adventure helps to pair players just getting their feet wet with experienced captains. Players from all over the globe are jumping at the chance to help out some newbies. As of now, there are French, Brazilian, Italian, Dutch, and Russian communities. The subreddit for Sea of Thieves is also taking part for more options.

“Players get the most from Sea of Thieves with a full crew, so we’re making it easier for like-minded pirates to find each other and get sailing together. You can also get involved in community-led initiatives and events surrounding the game. Join a fan community today and find new, regular crewmates to play with!”

As part of the effort, players are paired with a more experienced sailor community, preferably in their own native language, to begin their sailing adventures. Those wishing to help newbros out can join up, and get access to a repository where their advert for new players can be seen. Those hosting communities also get a private Discord server for comms, which is nice of the developer to help with.

Sea of Thieves is available now on PC and Xbox One, it’s even on Xbox Game Pass. It’s a nice little pirate adventure, so why not try it out.

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