How to live to 120 years old in BitLife

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To complete the new challenge in BitLife, you will need to live to 120 years old. This new challenge has a pretty simple setup, but it can take a lot of management to complete. The core element of the Supercentenarian Challenge in BitLife is to live to 120. This sounds simple, but it involves a lot of tracking of stats.

The Health and Happiness stats are the most important. The less stressed you are, the more likely you are to avoid certain diseases. You also need to keep up diet and exercise to avoid things like obesity. Here are some basic tips to help boost these stats. Always keep on top of them, especially in old age, as it can be a hassle. If you push it hard enough, you should be able to get this challenge done.

How to Live to 120 Years Old in BitLife

One of the key elements here is nutrition and health. You can get a better diet and get right with life. Select the Mind & Body tab under Activities, which fully unlocks when you age up to 18. Once there you will want to scroll through and find the option to change your diet. When you do that it doesn’t change much upfront. If you do it, there is a stat impact. Each one of the diets will impact your Health. There are a bunch that are less healthy, you should avoid those. These are the diets you can select that will help you live to 120 years old in BitLife:

  • Jenny Craig (increases health)
  • Keto (increases health)
  • Mediterranean (increases health)
  • Nutrisystem (increases health)
  • Paleo (increases health)
  • South Beach (increases health)
  • Vegan (increases health)
  • Weight Watchers (increases health)
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Another good thing to do is plenty of exercise and doctor visits. Having an experienced doctor take care of you can do a fair bit to keep you alive. You will want to max out your HealthLooksSmarts, and Happiness, as each one is a big part of staying alive.

Gym visits and martial arts are two great ways to keep your Health up. Having a good diet and a fulfilling job helps with Happiness and Health. Meditation is another huge help here. You can get boosts to multiple stats with such a simple tactic. Spend you life building quality relationships to keep your Happiness up, as having this stat helps boost the changes of living to 120 or older.

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