How to Become a Lawyer in BitLife

How to become a King or Queen in BitLife

There are so many different career options and life paths in CandyWriter’s mobile sim. BitLife has far too many options to cover in just this one guide, though. This is a pretty hard job to get, as it takes both good education and a solid amount of luck. There’s no real trick to getting there though, as a lot of stuff with this app is based on that luck.

The game has many options to pick from, and each one can impact your life. The lawyer job can be quite a good paying one, but it takes lot of work to get. Getting to be a Lawyer in BitLife is a lot of work. You can find out how to get that career in the guide below.

How to Become a Lawyer in BitLife

Once you graduate from high school, you’ll need to move on to college and become a law major. You don’t need to do much in this first stage of education other than spending time studying and at the library. Keep those Smarts stats up as high as you can get them, this will be helpful later. You could also make this part easier by starting with a high Smarts score. having a high level in Smarts makes becoming a lawyer in BitLife so much easier.

Once you get into college and pick your law major, the real work begins. Keep focusing on your studies and you’ll be fine. After you have finished your undergrad, it’s time to jump into law school. You need to have really high Smarts for this part, so get the stat as close to 100 as you can. Now you just need to focus on finishing up that degree. You need to put a lot of time into getting this job. Getting through the education part is a slog. You need to go to Law School, and that means a graduate degree. This is a lot of college work, but it’s going to be worth it.

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Once you graduate, you can head into the Occupation tab and go to Job Recruiter. You want to get a job at a Law Firm. You may have to try a few times to get the job you want, but you should eventually get it. As long as you have high Smarts, you should be fine.  And once you have the job, you’re golden. You could also stick around and spend a few years trying to become a judge as well.

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