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New Man of Medan dev diary shows off movie night mode

Man of Medan Movie Night Mode Explained

Supermassive Games has just unleashed another developer diary for their upcoming horror title, the first in an anthology of games, Man of Medan. This new horror experience is much more focused than your typical walking simulator in the genre, and its focus is on telling an engaging story. And a big part of that process is how Supermassive is putting new touches on the gameplay style itself.

Players should expect something horror games don’t typically see. Yes, we said players so as to imply that there are multiplayer options. We saw one of these already with the introduction of Shared Story mode, offering a group of gamers the chance to direct the narrative together, but now we’re getting a slight twist on the idea with Movie Night mode.

In Movie Night Mode, Man of Medan will offer an Assign Character screen, where you can assign names to each character.  The game will then direct the players to step up when their character of choice comes into play, this randomized element will add a bit of tension and is designed to be as engrossing as possible. And since Supermassive Games designed their newest title from the ground up to be a branching narrative with lots of replayability, we can expect a ton of replay value.

Borrowing ideas from other narrative-driven games looks to be a thing that Supermassive is doing with this project. And while we won’t get a full Detroit: Become Human style flowchart, the game will characterize your decisions at the end of each segment. Players who make certain choices will earn certain monikers like “Ditherer: Couldn’t make choices,” or “Heart Specialist: Chose most ‘heart’ decisions,” based on how they play. This comes directly from the insipiration of the game’s director,  Tom Heaton, watching people play the game in a hot seat fashion with their friends online, so that’s cool.

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Man of Medan will release on Aug. 30 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can find more details about the game on the official website. Check out the full developer diary for the feature down below. If you want to see some more dev diaries, here’s one showcasing a bit more of the overall story.

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