How to Complete the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife

The newest challenge in BitLife ties into a very important holiday. You need to up the effort into relationships this week, as you’re tasked with the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife. This one is pretty complex, as you’re in for the long haul. You need to do a lot to maintain relationships and rewarding both your mother and your own children. Can you maintain perfect relationships with them all? You will have to this time. Here’s how to complete the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife

Here is how to complete the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife:

  • Have a good relationship with your mom
  • Buy your mother a house
  • Mother 3 or more kids
  • Buy each of your children a house
  • Have a good relationship with all of your kids

To start off this challenge it might be a good thing to have a lot of money. You do need to be born female, so that’s a for sure requirement. you could be born into royalty to make the money part easier, but that requires a lot of luck. So basically just focus on the other parts.

Go into the Relationships tab, something you will be visiting a lot during this challenge. Go into the Relationships tab and be sure to interact with both your mom and kids as much as possible Ply them with compliments and conversations for an easy way to improve your relationships. If you have a nice amount of money, you can also give them cash and other gifts to improve it as well.

Go into the housing market via the Assets tab and click the Go Shopping button. There you will see various options, scroll down to Real Estate Brokers and find a house you want to buy. You don’t need to spend a certain amount of money, just buy a livable home. When you find something suitable, just buy it and move onto the gifting step. You can go back into assets to do that by selecting the house.

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When you buy your mom a house, remember how to do that as you also need to do it for each of your kids. That’s going to be a lot of money, so I hope you have a good job. That takes a bunch of steps out of this challenge.

The most challenging part is having at least three kids of your own and then repeating all the things you did for your mom, with them. Have the kids, at least three, and then work on the relationship. That itself involves finding a good partner and having kids, so put that work in first. Once you have your kids and they get a bit older, make sure to constantly improve your relationship with them. Do many of the same relationship improvements you did with mom and you should be fine. And as they get older, you need to keep that up. Then once you have a perfect relationship with your kids, you can buy each of them a house to wrap up the challenge.

That’s how to complete the Mother’s Day challenge in BitLife.

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