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The Sinking City shows off smelly and dank environments in new trailer

The Sinking City Rotten Reality Trailer

Another day, another Lovecraftian horror show unfolds, no big deal. Seriously though, if you’re into horror games with a side of puzzle-solving, you’ve probably seen our other coverage of The Sinking City before.

For one, there’s one of the original trailers from E3 2018 which showed some of the horror and sleuthing elements in The Sinking City. If you want to see some more of the horror the game has to offer, there’s plenty of gameplay that’s been supplied by developer Frogwares. There’s even a trailer showing some of the mocap work being done for the title. It looks like the developer is prepping the games industry for madness, and they’re just giving us fair warning with all these trailers. Of course I’m only kidding. Or am I?

This new trailer though, focuses on a new area of the game, one of the environment itself. Because everyone knows you can’t have a Cthulhu-style horror game without endless corrupted environments that have been twisted and torn until they resemble the shattered remnants of your sanity, should you chance upon such horrors. This new trailer shows off just how strange the town of Oakmont has gotten, long before the main character Charles Reed arrives.

Being that this game is very much inspired by Lovecraftian horrors and fiction, expect a lot of this weirdness to be even more intense in the final game. The Sinking City will test your patience and grip on reality as it warps the world of Oakmont around the player and their actions. Can you guide Charles Reed out of this living nightmare with their sanity and body intact? find out when the game finally comes out.

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The game is currently slated to release next month on June 27th, after it had been delayed for a bit due to various issues. All that said, it still looks rather interesting as a mix of horror and sleuthing fun. Check out the newest gameplay trailer for The Sinking City down below.

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