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New Sinking City trailer takes a look behind-the-scenes

The Sinking City Animations Update Trailer

Frogwares is back again this week, this time with a new trailer showing the work going on behind-the-scenes, especially on animations and mocap when it comes to The Sinking City.

The animators and mocap actors working on The Sinking City are putting a ton of effort into building the world with some very creepy elements. Since The Sinking City takes a massive cue from The Shadow Over Innsmouth, there’s a much tighter focus on creepy psychological horror over jumpscares. The 1920s adventure takes Charles Reed on a mysterious adventure through the increasingly sorrowful city of Oakmont, Massachusetts. As you deal with an increasing loss of sanity, the game will get much harder and scarier. I fully expect these new animations to come into play with increasing regularity as the monsters get more insane along with us.

The game also features a branching story system that allows the players to change the game as they play. You can look out for yourself and profit, or you can give hope and help to the people around you, often at the expense of yourself. The gameplay itself also has branching paths that can vary depending on the paths you take to solve conflicts or problems. It will be interesting to see how Frogwares craft this narrative when the game finally releases.

The Sinking City releases March 21 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the newest trailer for the horror game down below.

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This isn’t the only trailer we’ve seen for this spooky open-world title. Frogwares showcased some of the storytelling tricks they use in one trailer. Another video segment showed off some gameplay as well, titled Silence is Golden.

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