How to Find the Treasury Advisor in Pathfinder: Kingmaker

The Treasury Advisor in Pathfinder: Kingmaker is very important. You’re an adventurer, not a bean counter. You want to spend time out there finding riches, not worrying about how they’re spent. Adventurers need someone to help manage their money. And in this CRPG, you’re really going to need that. It won’t be long into the story that you’re saddled with titles and lands of your own to manage.

There are many different NPCs that fulfill tasks in your new nation. It’s a good idea to seek them out and employ them to help keep things in order. And trust us, the purse strings are a very important thing to keep tabs on. Jubilost is the NPC you’re after. Here’s how to find the Treasury Advisor in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Where To Find The Pathfinder: Kingmaker Treasury Advisor

To actually get the new Treasurer, that means you need to unlock the base/empire-building part of the game. That entails going through the main story a fair bit, and finishing Act 1, You need to clear the Temple of the Elk to get to the real game, so do that first. Then, you will be chasing your rival all over the map. And don’t worry about Tartuccio, we’ll deal with him soon enough.

A focal point here is the old sycamore tree where you get the two halves of the relic from the mite and kobold factions. That’s the second phase of this part of the story. All of this is building toward the confrontation with the Stag Lord, so be sure to level up a bit to take on this Level 8 Ranger. Once that’s done, you will be inundated with new quests and possible areas of exploration.

Head towards the ford across the Skunk River to the southwest of your main capital. Use the Show Location Names toggle in the menus if you’re having trouble finding it.

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There is a random chance to find Jubilost with their wagon stuck in the water. The chance to encounter him seems random, but there are ways to help increase the odds. Wait a few days if he doesn’t show up, then return to the ford. Jubilost’s overturned wagon should be there. You need to pass some speech checks to help them out. If you are nice to them, it should be very easy to progress to the next phase.

You will need to defeat the troll king and then return to the new NPC to continue the questline. Jubilost will ask you to help them explore some nearby Dwarven ruin, that’s the next phase. Pick the correct dialogue option and then team-up. The NPC should join your party automatically from this point on. If you want to complete the quest, you can.

When you’re done, it’s time to actually put them into the spot as the Treasury Advisor in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Once you’re ready, head back to the kingdom management screen.

From there, you can install your new friend as the head of your fledgling economy. Like any other option in these positions, there will be random events to take care of from time to time. You need to spend some time at your capital every few weeks to attend to matters of state. During these visits, sometimes events involving your new treasurer can transpire.

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