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New Star Citizen ATV video for Aegis Vulcan ship

Star Citizen has introduced a total of 114 purchasable ships and vehicles to Star Citizen over the last few years. That number is now one higher, say hello to the Aegis Vulcan. The Vulcan is the first multi-role starter ship for players who want to refuel, rearm or repair other ships. This spacecraft is meant to be the first stepping stone towards craft like the MISC Starfarer.

The ship fulfills its functions by using a flight of drones that accomplish one task at a time. As a 3-person ship, you’ll need one pilot, one gunner and a drone operator for maximum efficiency during operations. Managing when to load and launch your drones will be a vital part of completing your tasks.

This new starter support spacecraft that packs in repairing, refueling, and rearming. Says CIG,

“It’s a versatile support ship. It’s there to support other ships. It’s not great at combat. It’s not great at transport. It’s not great at racing. It’s there for helping out with other ships. So if you’re that sort of person that is interested in the not more active combat side but helping others, then this is a really great entry into that, because it does allow you to help out massively for ships that run out of fuel, ships that have minor damage, ships that run out of ammo and any of these ships could be stuck out in deep space. They can call for your help, and you can go out there and give them just enough to get them where they need to go to. It’s sort of like the space AA or AAA for America. You call them up. They give you just enough to get to where you’re going, and then you can do your full repairs, rearm, refuel there.”

It’s also for sale as part of the early VIP optioning system. It’s $185 right now (warbond price). It won’t be in the game anytime soon. At least until after version 3.2 hits open Alpha.

But a new ship isn’t the only interesting news for Star Citizen this week. Foundry 42 Studio Director Erin Roberts, gave an update on the size of the staff working on the singleplayer variant of Star Citizen, Squadron 42.

Currently, Cloud Imperium Games has five offices following the recent opening of a new Foundry 42 location in Derby, U.K. that counts only fifteen staffers at the moment. The largest office is the main Foundry 42 location in Manchester, with a headcount of 234. The studios in the U.S. are more compact with Cloud Imperium Games in Los Angeles and Cloud Imperium Games Texas in Austin counting respectively 75 and 71 staffers. Last, but not least, the Foundry 42 office in Frankfurt, Germany, gives work to a staff of 80.

The total headcount of the internal staff working on the game is now a massive 475. Of course, all the development insights and innovations on one part of the game also affect the other, so there’s definitely some overlap going on. And considering the highly successful crowdfunding campaign, which now sits at $178,358,889 with 1,985,153 registered users, the staff may expand in order to expedite development work.

Check out the full ATV below:

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