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Frogwares shows that silence is golden in new Sinking City gameplay

The Sinking City Silence is Golden Trailer

The Sinking City has another new gameplay snippet, this time we get to see some in-game footage of a specific mission in the open-world insane-them-up.

The Sinking City places players in control of Charles W. Reed as he descends further into madness under the evil influence of whatever the heck is haunting the town of Oakmont. And as his sanity degrades, the gameplay experience changes. You’ll have to rely on your wit and clues in the environment to navigate the open-world setting, and as the game progresses, those things might start leading down paths you dare not venture.

We’ve seen some pretty somber and horrifying stuff from Frogwares, and this newest trailer just adds to the pile of tentacled nightmares this game is sure to induce. There’s the original E3 2018 trailer that showed us a tease of insanity, then there was the cinematic trailer titled “Death May Die” which went whole hog on losing it’s mind. And this latest trailer doubles down on sinking it’s claws deep into your mind and ripping it to shreds.

The Sinking City is due out on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on March 21, 2019. Check out the latest trailer for the game down below.

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