How to reset trailers in SnowRunner

How to reset trailers in SnowRunner

SnowRunner is the latest off-shoot game in the offroading games franchise from Saber Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive. One might think that the trucks and other vehicles in this game are the most important part, well you’re half right. The trailers in SnowRunner are actually even more important. Being an offroad game about building up your garages and other pit stops, there’s a certain need to truck supplies around the map.

Between all of the vehicles and trailers in SnowRunner, you will be doing a lot of offroading. From time to time, you will even want to use the massive flatbeds to cart vehicles around the map for longer journeys. And with 40 different vehicles to unlock and take trekking across the map, there’s plenty of work to be done. But once in a while, you will get something stuck or turn a truck over, and not even the handy winch can save some screwups. So herein lies the need to reset vehicles back to their spawn point. The Recover function that can be used to reset stuck trucks doesn’t work for non-motorized trailers, which leaves you with the winch.

Your winch is normally used to help you drag a heavy load up a hill, but it can be anchored to tough points and help pull a trailer. A better option than relying on the winch is to upgrade the various components of your trucks, making them more likely to handle tough terrain. If you do get a trailer that’s flipped or stuck, using the force of the winch can flip it.

You want to connect the winch to the highest point on the trailer you can, near the center, then slowly pull and try to topple the trailer over and back onto its wheels.

There is a trick for moving trucks with storage, not extended trailers, across the map quickly though. Open up the global map while inside the truck you wish to move. While on the global map, select the move to garage option, this will teleport your loaded truck to the nearest garage. Although since this is technically a glitch, expect it to be patched soon.

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