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Team Ninja details changes to Nioh 2 after feedback

Nioh 2 Teased, Getting Alpha Test

Nioh 2 has concluded it’s open beta phase ahead of it’s full launch. Based on feedback from players, the developer wants to tweak some stuff for the better. Creative Director Tom Lee detailed some of these planned changes in a PlayStation Blog post that revealed Team Ninja’s plans. The team looked in-depth at a variety of in-game elements to figure out what needed to change in the sequel. The beta feedback examined various areas of gameplay like  player controls, enemy action, level design, character advancement elements, sound, and some more details.

“It was a tremendous learning experience for us as we carefully examined you guys playing the demo. We really appreciate the massive amount of responses submitted to our questionnaire after the playthrough,” admitted Lee. “Our team has thoroughly read and reviewed everyone’s constructive feedback, and with that input, we are working diligently towards fine-tuning the build for the final game.”

Nioh 2 Details Changes Made from Open Beta Feedback

Team Ninja has detailed a handful of areas based on this feedback that they’re tweaking. The feedback was mostly positive, but some areas were in need of more attention. These areas mostly focus on combat, which makes sense as it’s the core gameplay loop. Players pointed out that some abilities were harder to use than others due to being much weaker, the developer will address that. Enemy resistance to damage is also being adjusted.

  • Yokai abilities tweaked and rebalanced
  • Weaker Yokai abilities are being buffed
  • Modifications to control the level of punishments in the Dark Realm
  • Enemy Yokai will take more damage stacks from Ki attacks
  • Player Ki will be balanced and easier to manage
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Nioh 2 launches for the PlayStation 4 on March 13, 2020.

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