How to start a LAN game in F1 2020

How to start a LAN game in F1 2020

F1 2020 includes the ability to run a LAN game as a replacement for online multiplayer. It’s not as easy to deal with by a long shot, but local multiplayer is still nice to have for those that want it. If you’re friends with a bunch of racing fans, things could get really intense if you’re all playing the new game together on dedicated rigs. The trash talk will certainly be better.  If you’re in that boat of not having any interest in the much more competitive online play, LAN with your pals could be for you. So how do you start a LAN game in F1 2020?

It’s simple really, just head to multiplayer tab and select the option related to setting up a LAN game. From there you will be prompted to host or join a LAN in progress. You will want to choose a machine to host the game first. From there you can open up the game to other LAN users and tweak some settings.

After the game is up and running, have your other players repeat the LAN process, but select Join LAN instead.

So with a wired connection between all devices on the network, there will be a lot less latency and other issues popping up. This is the primary reason to run a LAN game in F1 2020, as it makes for a smoother experience overall. This is all provided you have multiple friends with consoles or PCs, and multiple copies of the racing game.

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Keep in mind though that F1 2020 does not have a cross-platform feature at this moment. And it looks unlikely to get one. So if you’re trying to play together on different consoles, even on the same LAN, you won’t be able to connect.

If you’re having issues connecting to one or more players on the LAN, check your router. Any decent router should have a method for checking connected devices and seeing if they were assigned an IP address and MAC address. If devices you’re trying to game on aren’t being properly identified, there could be a deeper issue with the hardware. Make sure you consoles and network hardware are updated to the latest firmware for starters.

If you’re interested in other tips for F1 2020, try out learning about some of the racing modes in the game. Or maybe you want to know the full tracklist.

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