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The Surge 2 will be using the Vulkan API

The Surge 2 Combat Trailer

Fans of action games are getting some great new fun to be had this week, as The Surge 2 is getting ready to launch. The developer behind the sequel Deck13 has taken to Reddit to talk about just that. The Surge 2 is getting a major graphical and gameplay overhaul compared to the first game, offering refinements and changes that players have wanted since the first game launched. Alongside the vaunted Vulkan API being built into the action game as a core component, the company is also pushing for 4K resolution and some incredible visuals. This should help aid in immersion, at least that seems to be the hope over at Deck13.

Along with beefing things up graphically though, the team also looks to be improving on the caliber of the story. Both new characters and factions are being introduced to help ground the players in the mysterious and dangerous world, but a lot of elements are still being left up to interpretation. We saw some small teases of strange new characters and locales, but we’ll just have to play the game to learn more.

The Surge 2  is actually pushing the envelope a little bit in terms of tech too. Here’s what the team working on the title had to say on the topic via said Reddit thread:

“On the rendering side of things, we did a major overhaul of the rendering subsystem. The new system is now based on the new explicit graphics APIs (Vulkan on PC and D3D12 on Xbox One). This allowed us to render all the visual detail necessary to feature a city and larger outdoor levels. We also added new rendering features like simulated and cuttable grass, unified volumetric lighting, improved decal rendering and temporal antialiasing – to name a few.”

The gameplay changes from the first game will also be tweaked to make the second title much more palatable to modern gamers. And when it comes to those gameplay tweaks, Deck 13 is bringing out the big guns by putting in more than four times the amount of sidequests into the sequel compared to the original game. The much bigger world in which these quests and characters inhabit will also offer multiple methods of transport that allows players to easily globe trot in this dystopian nightmare. The overall story is also being dialed up to accommodate with some of these changes. Level layouts, quest designs and overall experiences are being worked into a more grand scale, offering more variety for players.

“There’s a lot more story in The Surge 2 compared to the first game. We have quadrupled the amount of sidequest; there are dozens of NPCs in the world, and almost everyone has his/her own little story to tell. The player character himself will be an avatar for the player, so the style of storytelling has changed a bit towards the more RPG-like.”

The Surge 2 releases on September 24th, for PC and all major consoles. If you want to see more of The Surge 2 in action,

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