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We Happy Few’s final expansion due next week

We All Fall Down

Developer Compulsion Games didn’t have an easy time with We Happy Few. The dystopian game launched in quite the buggy state, and was lambasted for it in reviews. Even though We Happy Few has an interesting premise about happiness and control, the execution botched the landing. The story has been expanded with DLC content that featured a few different new characters, each with their own stories and settings.

The story of the game is centered around the strangely happy town of Wellington Wells. The setting is actually a huge lie, as all of the facade is built around every single citizen locked under the iron heel of a mandated drug addiction to a powerful substance menacingly referred to as Joy. Joy use is completely mandatory, and any kind of depression or sadness is completely illegal. And of course, a core element of the setup is fighting back against this tyrannical nightmare.

And with the final expansion for the game, titled “We All Fall Down”, we’re getting one last chapter to this story and setting. The new expansion follows the story of Victoria Byng, one of the endlessly happy citizens of the small town. Players returning to this game will get a somewhat familiar setup, as Victoria has to fake her way through hew withdrawals as she tries to fight back against the system and liberate the deceptively quaint town.

To make the setup more interesting the developer is introducing a new new elements and changing some older ones. New combat options will include a stealthy dart gun that delivers a nasty shock, as well as a whip that will knock back enemies and let Victoria swing from one building to the other. The focus in the new content is on stealth, so these items will be very helpful. But to streamline the experience Compulsion Games is stripping some unneeded elements out. Namely the survival and crafting portions of the gameplay are gone because as they put it, “there’s no time for eating, sleeping, and crafting while the world falls apart.”

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We Happy Few is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Watch the “We All Fall Down” launch trailer below.

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