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Massive fight breaks out between Capsuleers and Drifters in Sarum Prime


This post is written from an in-lore perspective, so speculation that would follow reports like this will be dispersed throughout.

In the system of Sarum Prime, one jump from Amarr, a massive fight has occurred between various allied capsuleers and a sizable fleet of Drifter battleships.  Early reports are unclear on the exact details and the root cause of the fight. It’s suspected that recent activities between Empress Jamyl Sarum and factions of capsuleers have been perceived as a threat by whatever force commands the Drifters, and this may be seen as an attempt by the Drifters to strike at Sarum and Amarr in general in retribution.

Recent Scope reports on the subject have made it clear that Drifter aggression is on the rise. The increased incursions by capsuleers into wormholes found to be occupied by Drifters has likely antagonized the aggression. It is likely that in the coming months as capsuleer controlled Nullsec space is destabilized as a result of the usage of Entosis Links on a wide scale, that more of these fights are likely to happen as residents flee to higher security areas, often bringing their conflicts with them.

As many as 90 capsuleers took part in the fighting, with over 12 Billion ISK in damage being caused by Drifter forces. The exact number of Drifter ships is unclear, but at least 30 have been counted judging from information gathered from pilots involved in the fighting. One such pilot provided a recording of the fight taken from their ship’s camera drones.

UPDATE: Further details the number of Drifter Battleships as numbering around 100, not 30. The Drifter fleet was apparently attacking a fleet of primarily Providence Bloc ships who were gathered in the system during a celebration of the 12th anniversary of the founding of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance.
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