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Get the PC version of Destiny 2 for free, until November 18

Destiny 2 123 update for July 2018

As part of the celebration that is BlizzCon 2018, Activision-Blizzard and Bungie are teaming up to give away free copies of Destiny 2 on the PC to anyone who wants one. But you need to hurry, these free PC games can only be claimed upto until November 18.

Also new accounts created after 11:00 a.m. PDT on November 2 will have to place Blizzard SMS Protect on their accounts before claiming their free Destiny 2 copy.

This version does not include the recently launched Forsaken expansion pack, but there is one additional goodie up for grabs. Starting soon, November 9 to November 11 specifically, PC players who have this version will be able to test out Gambit mode in Destiny 2. There’s also plans to give PC gamers exclusive access to an Anniversary Emblem that no one else can get.

Gambit Mode is pretty cool, the 4v4 multiplayer mode pits two teams in a match to see who can gather the most Motes from slain enemies. These can be earned from killing other players or randomly spawned NPCs. Teams can spend these Motes to gain buffs, or to impede the progress of the enemy team. Spending a certain number of Motes can send “Blockers” against the enemy team that prevent that team from banking earned points until the Blocker is destroyed. This extra strategic layer makes for much more interesting Destiny 2 multiplayer compared to typical run-and-gun shooters. And the point-scoring mechanics are just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll want to get into the free trial period coming up to learn more.

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Those who are interested in claiming a copy will need a Battlenet account. If you have one, you can claim your copy here.

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