How to become a Stockbroker in BitLife

How to complete the Wall Street Wolf Challenge in BitLife

There are many different jobs in BitLife that you can take on. There are jobs about being a film star, or a politician. You can even get your hands on the levers of evil power and become a crime boss. This game has a lot of potential. If you’re a fan of economics, you can also chase a business-oriented job as well. There’s one job that’s part of the new Wolf on Wall Street challenge this week. To get it done, you need a certain job. You need to become a stockbroker.

The Stockbroker in BitLife is in the same class as the Business Analyst. You can get these jobs for various challenges, or just to roleplay. This will take some work, but it’s not impossible to get done. Keep reading to figure out how to do this.

How to become a Stockbroker in BitLife

The first thing you need to do is get your Smarts up. You can use the God Mode addon to start with 100% Smarts, that’s going to make this easier. You could also grind it out by reading and going to the library when you get to the age of 12. When you turn 12, you can go to the library on your own. This also helps increase your smart stats. Do this every year along with studying hard to keep your smart stats high. You will need to push your Smarts to 100%, and keep them there. That means you need to read books and visit the library via the Mind & Body tab each year. As you’re aging up into High School, you need to focus on your grades.

You will need those grades to get into University. Keep hitting up the Library until you get to University. Get your first degree, then choose to continue and go to Business School. You will need ot put a few years into this. Get into University and choose the degree option for Business. You can then apply for various jobs. Once you have your degree, hit up the Occupation menu and then choose the Jr. Stockbroker listed under Jobs. Apply for it until you get the job. After that, you’ll need to build a bank balance of $22 million. The easiest way to do that is just to work hard.

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You could also take on an extra-curricular activity to try and earn a scholarship as well. That will make this a lot cheaper to handle.

Keep working from there to earn promotions and raises. You will eventually get promoted to the Senior position, and you’re done with this part of the task.

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