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Live-Action Final Fantasy TV Series in the Works

Final Fantasy

Those of you who count themselves among the millions of fans of Final Fantasy are about to get some really good news. There’s a new Final Fantasy 14 TV series in the works, with a project currently in development with the same studio behind the Netflix Witcher adaptation. That studio is Hivemind, and they’ve partnered with Sony Pictures’ TV division to produce the TV series based on the massively popular MMORPG.

And with Final Fantasy 14 about to get deep into the release of the new Shadowbringers expansion, it couldn’t be a more perfect time to drop this news. And with Sony stepping in to help on the project, it looks this is exactly the kind of thing the company was talking about when they began pushing for more development of entertainment derived from video games.

Not much in terms of details are currently circulating about the project, so we don’t really know the story, characters or setting of the adaptation. It’s at least clear that the show is likely to include iconic locales and characters from throughout the storied lore of the franchise. This is clear since Final Fantasy 14 makes use of multiple games in the JRPG franchise for source material. There are also plenty of built-in stories relating to the various Jobs and their associated quests that offer plenty of material.

Square Enix’s popular MMORPG did have a rough release, but the advent of massive changes in the 2.0 A Realm Reborn expansion completely turned the game around. Now, with continuing work on improving and streamlining the class system, pretty much anyone can pick up and play the game, experiencing both a thriving MMO world and a richly developed Final Fantasy game.

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No release date or distribution methods are known currently, with the project still being in the very early stages. And with the inspiring game sitting at around 16 million active users, and with Final Fantasy as a series having sold more than 144 million units worldwide, there are many fans that will likely be excited to see a live-action rendering of FF14.

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