How to whack mafia members in BitLife

How to join the Mafia in BitLife

The mafia is a thing in BitLife, a very dangerous llfestyle. And because of how cutthroat the criminal underworld is, Since it’s just as easy to get whacked, it might be better to get the job done yourself. When you join the mob, you can do a lot of criminal activities, but it comes with more risk than just being caught. If you get accused of being a rat, or confidential informant, you’re in trouble.

Sometimes you might need to get into hunting rats. The mob in BitLife can be pretty brutal. Sometimes, the cops can try to get information. Having to take down rats is a good way to keep the family safe. These rats can often be sniffed out in a variety of ways. There are a few techniques that can be pretty helpful. Staying on top of relationships within the family is the best way to handle this. The higher you are within the organization, the less people will suspect you of turning.

The easiest way to find rats is to look at the relationships each person has with other members of the family. The people least-liked within the organization seem to have a higher chance of turning traitor. When you do find them, the best course is to whack mafia members in BitLife.

You can choose to whack any member of your mafia family by going to the mafia Occupation screen, viewing your co-workers, and choosing the option whack them. Be careful about who you take out though, as killing off too many members can and will cause problems. You might get caught by the police for the act.

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On the flip side, you might want to be the informant yourself, if you want to get out of the life. Be careful not to get whacked yourself. The best way to get this going is to be friendly. Keeping on top of relationships in the mafia can be a good help here. Having positive relationships with all your members is a good way to avoid any accusations.


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