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Can you disable team games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Can you disable team games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has many different game modes and plenty of stuff to do. Players can choose from 25 different game modes, each of which will have their own rounds if you play long enough. When you qualify to make it to the next match round, you have a chance of playing many different modes.

The thing is, that when you move into a new round, there’s sometimes you will end up playing on your own. Jinxed, Fall Ball, Rock N’ Roll, Hoopsie Daisy, Hoarders, Egg Scramble, and Team Tail Tag are all team games, but sometimes you do actually want to play on your own. So if you want to play in solo game types you might want to disable team games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. So the question remains, can you actually do that?

Most of these team games split you into 2 to 4 player groups, and to move onto the next round you have to either finish first, finish in the top percent, or stay alive longer than other players. This competitive nature doesn’t suit some players, so folks have asked for a way to avoid team games and focus on solo games. Or at the very least, players have asked for a way to prioritize solo game.

So far, the developers have not responded to these pleas. That means that currently there is no way to turn off team games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. That doesn’t mean it will never happen, it just hasn’t been confirmed yet if such an option is coming.

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