How to start the Guardian Games in Destiny 2

How Guardian Game Medals work in Destiny 2

The Guardian Games in Destiny 2 have gone live. The new event offers tons of bounties and other tasks for players to complete, all to prove who really is the best class in the game. The Guardian Games in Destiny 2 are a new event that offers a unique twist on the concept of competing with other players. To start competing, you need to find the quest and start it up.

The first step is to visit the new NPC Eva, she’s in the Tower, so it’s pretty easy to get to her. You can find her right at the center of the tower as soon as you arrive. Approach her at the central area, and you’ll have a quick cutscene speaking to her about the Guardian Games and learning about the history of it.  Once you get through that, it’s time to start the event, pick your favored class, and get going. She will then direct you to Zavala to take on the next phase of the event.

Keep in mind that you will also need to complete various Bounties, like the In a Fog Bounty, to be able to unlock all of the new content, as some rewards and tasks are locked behind completing certain quests and other challenges. Players can also collect Medals and Laurels through other means as well.

She will give you a series of quests to take on a handful of tasks to collect Medals and Laurels. Your goal within the event is to gain as many of these as possible for the duration of the event. Each Medal or Laurel claimed and turned in equates to points for your chosen class. The class with the most points at the end is declared the winner, and players who fought for that class gain unique rewards.
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