Can You Play Cyberpunk 2077 in Third-Person?

Everything you need to know about vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077

It’s a first-person game with tons of stuff to do, but that viewpoint doesn’t fit everyone. If you want to move out of first-person, can you? You can change the camera angle in the new photo mode when altering images, but can you change it during gameplay. Heere’s what we know so far about playing Cyberpunk 2077 in third-person.

It’s something that a lot of RPGs offer. Some have to use mods for one or the other view, but third-person definitely gives better views when locked in melee combat. Perhaps that’s why CDPR used it for the Witcher games. So can you swap around from one view to the other? You might be a little disappointed to learn that it’s not going to be possible, at least not without PC mods.

You can not play the game in third-person, it looks like. At least not all the time. You can alter the view while driving and switch to that camera angle. To drive in third-person you can swap between both views. The majority of the game is locked into first-person though.

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