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When is Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox consoles?

Microsoft Flight Simulator trailer shows off planes and more

Microsoft Flight Simulator will finally be coming to Xbox Series X and S later this year. It’s a great game, and seeing the massive digital recreation of the world and on consoles is great. The port is due out in a few weeks. Keep reading below for more details about Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox. Some fans are reacting to some less great news about the port, though.

Some fans are concerned about frame rates. The normal intended experience for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be 30 FPS, certain visual setups that support Variable Refresh Rate can support higher than that. By default though, the game will render at 30 FPS. Some fans might be disappointed by this, but it’s likely a technical consideration and isn’t too big a deal. Reaction times aren’t super critical to the point that you need 120 FPS, like you would in a shooter.

What is the release date of the Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox?

Microsoft Flight Simulator will take to the digital skies on July 27 for both Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. If you’re on Game Pass, you get it added in on day one. So if you’re on a budget and want to get some flight sim action, this is a definite plus. The gameplay should be largely the same compared to PC, with a few minor corners cut to allow for the game to run at acceptable frame rates on console hardware. The announcement referred to the port as technically having the “same level as depth as the PC version.”

Will there be a preload? Will there be other content released?

Yes, you can now pre-install the title on Xbox Series X and S right now.

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The company has not announced some details yet, although some things are clear. We don’t know about specific details for DLC yet. Another area of concern for users is peripherals. Flight sims like this are best enjoyed with a flight stick, and many will opt for officially branded ones if they’re available. As of now, Microsoft has not announced any specially branded peripherals. Microsoft claims on Xbox Wire, “We continue to work with third-party partners to bring additional peripherals to Xbox Series X|S that will enhance your immersive console experience.”

The company did announce a new DLC pack that will be released for free later this year. Microsoft Flight Simulator will have free content based on the Paramount Pictures film Top Gun: Maverick. The plan is to release that on November 19, 2021. Details are unclear, but it’s being marketed as allowing players to “experience first-hand what it’s like to be a U.S. Navy Top Gun.”

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