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Marvel’s Avengers gives exclusive content to mobile players on Virgin or Verizon

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Mobile-focused exclusivity deals aren’t all that uncommon, but gaming is one area where they’re given a bit less focus, particularly in the US. The market for mobile games is big here, but nowhere near as monstrous as markets in Asia. So now Marvel’s Avengers that is out, hearing that they’re running a special mobile promotion in the US is a bit unexpected.

The new suite of promotions for the game involves Marvel partnering with a bunch of different companies to give away cosmetic rewards. Customers on either Virgin or Verizon mobile networks can take advantage of the offer. It appears as though it’s locked to contract holders, so pre-paid customers could not be eligible. Customers in these setups will not be the only ones getting in on the fun though.

As well as PlayStation players, customers who are with Virgin Media and Verizon Up will be able to unlock cosmetics in the game. Square Enix has also announced a set of costumes in collaboration with Intel. And even if you’re just buying gum, packs of 5 Gum specifically, you will be able to unlock a custom emote too.

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Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal will be offering some more substantial rewards for console gamers. PlayStation 4 gamers will be getting some exclusive DLC featuring the iconic Spider-Man. Sony and MArvel will be offering the DLC character for anyone on the Sony console. The partners also said that they plan to release “even more PlayStation advantages,” with 30-day exclusive access to new content and cosmetics.

Players on other platforms aren’t all that excited about the exclusivity agreement though. PC and Xbox players haven’t gotten any news about whether they’re getting any bonus DLC.

Marvel’s Avengers is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 4, and there’s a next-gen version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in the works.

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