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Halo Infinite is not being canceled on Xbox One, according to 343 Industries

Halo Infinite being split into parts is possible

343 Industries has had to come out and deny some ongoing rumors. According to a report from VGC, there’s no plan to shelf the Xbox One version of the new Halo game. The rumor comes from profiles spotted online for certain team members that only lists Xbox Series X/S and PC as platforms for Halo Infinite. That led to many gamers suspecting that the game was being canceled on the weaker hardware.

However, 343 community manager John Junyszek quickly denied the rumor. Replying to a fan on Twitter, he wrote: “Nope. Please let me enjoy the holidays.” A spokesperson for 343 Industries has also previously denied this rumor the last time it popped up. It’s worth noting that some gamers remain unconvinced, given how much trouble this game has had.

And while you’re here, we’re going to debunk the idea that the game is getting a Battle Royale, it’s not. But that’s not the only thing to note about all of this.

The development of Halo Infinite has been going through the wringer, and it shows no signs of getting a break. The leads of the project have left the studio, casting more doubt on progress. And with the delay into next year, things just keep piling on and making it seemingly unlikely we will see the game before the universe dies.

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