How to sniff out a Confidential Informant in BitLife

How to join the Mafia in BitLife

Sometimes you get disillusioned with your current job and want to switch things up. It’s pretty hard in the real world, and it’s thankfully much easier in the mobile life sim, BitLife. Things get a lot tougher though if you’re in the mob. Yes, you can join the mafia in BitLife. Other times, things happen in such a way that someone is about to betray your family. That time is when you need to sniff out the rat.

When you’re dealing with someone who has been talking to the police about the family, and they need to be found out. If you’re the informant, you can sometimes get unlucky and have a fellow mobster find you out. But when you’re hunting down a Confidential Informant in BitLife you need to get just as lucky. Here are some tips for how to find the rat.

The best way to find out who the Confidential Informant in BitLife is to have as many confidants as you can within the family. The more people you know, the better chance you have of finding a rat. There are some signs you want to look out for first. If there is someone what is always really talkative, even to a lower-level mafia member they may be trying to gather intel. If you notice someone being too chummy, folks may want to get suspicious.

An informant will often try to sniff out any info on their fellow criminals. If you notice someone in the Relationships tab building connections to many different people, you may want to look into them.

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To find out if someone is a rat, you really just need to spend time with someone you suspect. So if you see someone doing the friendly routine, check in on them once in a while. It’s a random chance though, as folks may just be friendly and not be a traitor. You will have to put the effort in and hope you get a little lucky.

If you correctly find the family member who is a rat, the family will give you a nice boost. Many family members will reward you with a ton of influence with many members. You will be able to massively improve your relations with many members if you sniff out a rat.

If you guess right and accuse someone of turning against the family, they may try to kill you. If they put a contract out on you, you need to rely on your stats to get you through. If you have high Body and Fighting stats, you will be harder to kill. Having a black belt seems to be pretty helpful, as is being able to handle some tough fights.

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