How to rescue every pet in a Shelter in BitLife – Adopt Don’t Shop Achievement

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There are dozens of BitLife achievements. Each one can be pretty insane to get. Some are fairly straightforward, while others involve a lot more work. Some of them are just dependent on RNG, while others need you to put the time in. Earning the reward is never easy. There are also some cute achievements as well, and this is one of them. Players can earn the Adopt Don’t Shop Achievement in BitLife by rescuing tons of pets from shelters.

The first thing to do is to save up plenty of money. Pets both have an adoption cost that can range into thousands of dollars, depending on the pet. There’s also a monthly cost associated with keeping them fed and well.

The other major cost is having a large house to keep all the pets in. You need a room for each pet, generally speaking, as that will prevent them from fighting. Having too many pets can result in them fighting and even killing each other. You know this is the case if you get random events on an Age Up about pets dying from fights.

You will want to check the realtor under the Go Shopping option for an equestrian property. These large land plots have plenty of room. So as a result of all this cost, make sure to have a good in-game job to pay for it all. Maybe save up a few million first.

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Once you have the land, it’s just a matter of adopting them all. Go to Activities, then Pets, then finally click Animal Shelter. Go through and adopt each one to earn the Adopt Don’t Shop Achievement in BitLife.

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