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Star Citizen’s Executive Producer Departs Company


In continuation of the drama for Cloud Imperium around the massively funded Star Citizen, this week has seen two noteworthy events.  One being that today developer Derek Smart, who you will know from the Battlecruiser series, posted a blog update looking at the current situation with Star Citizen, the funds it has raised ($85 million to date), and why he thinks it’s just gone to far.

He’s been bold enough to ask a few questions in the lengthy update which you can check out in full. While Derek has struggled with releasing feature complete games for many years (he explains why at great length in his post) there are points in his update that should not be dismissed.

The biggest portion of this news will no doubt drive speculation. Executive Producer Alex Mayberry has departed the company.

This is the second major loss for CIG following the departure of Star Citizen’s Associate Producer Travis Day who left last month. There are also no further details regarding Mayberry’s current employment status as his LinkedIn profile has not been updated.

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This confirmation today will fuel further discussion on the status of the Star Citizen project which has received a lot of scrutiny after the blog post from Derek Smart over the weekend. There are real concerns from some backers that the game could be struggling following the announcement at the end of last month that the FPS module development had “stalled”.

It has also been confirmed that head of production Erin Roberts will assume many of the duties previously handled by Mayberry.

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