How to get the Glacioclasm and best God Rolls in Destiny 2

How to get the Glacioclasm in Destiny 2 and the God Roll

With all of the new and returning weapons in Destiny 2 this season, there’s a lot of choice under the proverbial tree. There are many different weapons you can mess around with in Destiny 2. Glacioclasm is one of many new items added to the game during this holiday season. Bungie clearly wants players doing the 30th-anniversary content, and is willing to hand out many new weapons to encourage that. Glacioclasm is one of the new 30th Anniversary weapons, and here’s how to get your hands on the

How to get the Glacioclasm in Destiny 2

The Glacioclasm and many other Dawning weapons is a random drop from the Gift in Return box, which you get from Starhorse. Each Gift has a random chance of bringing a Dawning weapon, including Cold Front, Avalanche, Glacioclasm, or Zephyr. You will need to get your hands on the Cosmic Sugar Cube, and turn that in to Starhorse to try for it. You can turn these cubes in multiple times, but farming them is kind of hard. You need to get the Treasure Ogre to spawn in Dares of Eternity, a pretty rare drop, then take it down.

This Fusion Rifle is a unique weapon. With the High-Impact Frame adding tons of damage, it makes it a somewhat slow weapon. Still, it does tons of damage. It does a ton of Impact and has very good Recoil, making it a decent long-range weapon in some cases.

Glacioclasm PvE God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Enhanced Battery
  • Subsistence (Combo A) or Under Pressure (Combo B)
  • Reservoir Burst (Combo A) or Demolitionist (Combo B)

Arrowhead Brake and Enhanced Battery are all but vital in this gun for most players. Scaling for better accuracy is a great boon for hitting your targets. Enhanced Battery is a vital perk slot here, as you need all the ammo you can carry. The Glacioclasm God Roll for PvE varies a bit depending on your playstyle.

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These are listed for players who like a certain playstyle. Combo A is the best overall combo of perks you can get as it sustains a ton of DPS and constantly grants new ammo reserves. Some players might prefer a different built with this weapon, and Combo B represents the best option for players who like a more chaotic and explosive style of play.

Glacioclasm PvP God Roll

  • Corkscrew Rifling or Smallbore
  • Enhanced Battery or Particle Repeater
  • Harmony
  • Killing Wind

The perks for the Glacioclasm God Roll for PvP has a few good options. You want to focus on getting stability up as much as possible. The choice you have for barrel is pretty open. Smallbore is the slightly better option for ranged shooting though.

Your choice for battery depends on how good of a shot you think you are. Having a reserve of ammo if you plan to miss some shots is good, but Particle Repeater is the best option for actually improving your ability to hit targets. The impact damage is already pretty high, so scaling that won’t make too much difference in PvP. Since you’re going to have to counter High-Impact Frame to some degree, you need a way to improve accuracy while moving. Standing still in PvP is never a good idea.

Killing Wind is a great perk in PvP. If you can work together with your team, it can be a massive help for getting more kills. Combining that with Harmony can offer a nice stacking buff if you can manage to get a good string of kills.

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