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HERO and PROVI Call For a Truce


As the changes of Phoebe loom on the horizon and the major Null entities get ready for the inevitable clusterfuck, HERO and PROVI have attempted to end the border dispute that has since become a proxy war involving PL, N3, RUS, and others.

An allegedly leaked image above details the agreement between the two groups.

Some may have enjoyed the progression of the dispute took over the recent months, but it made perfect sense that this would happen at some point.  Catch will be a very hot target in the coming months after Phoebe as more groups look to join the “fun” in Null.  And holding what they have should be the primary concern.

I’d bet my bottom dollar that we will see both groups pour resources into capitals and supercaps for the coming weeks.  And with PL returning to it’s roots as a “burn it all” merc group, we may see a very big dustup between them and HERO soon.

Another interesting point is how both groups will seek to define the common enemy portion of the agreement.  And whether or not it leads to seriously bad outcomes for either.

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