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How To Quickly Farm Rare Mods in Warframe

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The Enhance Challenge in this week’s Warframe Nightwave challenge bundle is pretty interesting. It centers around collecting rare mods in Warframe. These are the gold-bordered mods if you didn’t know. You need to collect eight of these in total, so farming for them in basic missions could take some time.

There are a couple different ways to get these mods. You could just play the game normally and hope for the drops to happen. But with so much loot, the chances of that are really small. It’s better to target farm rare mods in this game. With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of the two best ways to farm rare mods in Warframe.

How To Quickly Farm Rare Mods

The best method for farming rare mods in the game for most players will depend on what you’re capable of doing. The easier of the two methods is much quicker but requires a very solid build and a nice bank of Credits to take on reliably. The longer method is available to everyone, it just relies on more RNG luck.

Orokin Void Treasure

For starters, we’re going to look at Orokin Void Treasure Rooms. Each Void tier has a drop table associated with these rooms. The higher T2 and T3 Void runs are where you get all of the best staple rare mods in Warframe. You will randomly find Orokin Void Treasure Rooms on each map, and you have to know what to look for. The wide array of tilesets makes this pretty hard to list, and it’s something you will just have to learn it on your own. The one tip I can give you is to not waste time checking every single node on the map. Use your overlay map to see if the flow of the room you’re in continues, and check the ones that lead into longer and narrow hallways.

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But with all of the different Void missions, you’re bound to run into different types of Treasure Rooms. The ones with the best mod drops from smashing containers come from the parkour challenge rooms. These are the special wings of an Orokin Void mission where you step on a plate and have to navigate a trap-filled room to reach the end before the door closes.

And not only are these Treasure Rooms a great source for rare mods in Warframe, they also often contain Ayatan Treasures as well. Great for Endo farming as a result.

And don’t worry if you fail, the mission can always be repeated. Treasure Rooms in Orokin Void missions are pretty hard in the T2 and T3 variants. It just takes time to learn the layouts and get good at running them.

The Index

The Index on Venus is a Corpus mission that’s basically a murderous gameshow. Players will take their Tenno to the node and take part in a special event where you have to kill high-level enemies and collect the shards they drop. Depositing shards into the enemy goal scores points. The side with the most points when the round ends wins.

Dead enemies have a high chance of dropping Index-specific mods, and those mods are all Rare. Keep mobile to both avoid incoming damage and pick up dropped mods.

The Index is also a great place to farm Credits. The mode requires the player to bet a certain amount of Credits, and if they win that run, they get a bonus payout on top of their bet. The lowest bet possible is 45,000 Credits, and this will pay out 105,000 Credits to a victor.


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