How to get Gold Bullion in Fallout 76

Where are the Gold Bullion vendors in Fallout 76

If you’re a new player to Fallout 76, there’s a bunch of options on the table for you to make Caps to be able to get the gear you need. With all of the new factions and NPCs in the wasteland their quests are a very good source of loot and cash. But now, there’s some new currency to worry about alongside all of the crafting materials and other stuff in the game. Gold Bullion in Fallout 76 released alongside the Wastelanders update.

This new currency is directly tied into the new faction system, and offers a solid source of both Caps and other loot. During the Wastelanders main quest, you will encounter some drops of both the Gold Bullion and an item called the Treasury Note. Save these when you find them, they can be traded to a specific NPC for a steady cash supply.

You first have to complete the main quest of the new expansion, but once that’s done you’re going to need to do as many daily quests as possible. This is the second source of Gold Bullion and Treasury Notes that can be repeated. The event quests that spawn from time to time can also drop them.

Smiley is that NPC. You will find him on the top floor of The Wayward, just chilling. Take your Caps to him and he will take them at a rate of 1,000 caps for 50 Gold Bullion ingots. You can trade for up to 6,000 Caps or 300 Gold Bullion ingots per week. After hitting this limit in one week, you must wait for the clock to reset at the beginning of the next week.

Treasury Notes can be taken to the Gold Press Machines scattered around the map. These can be traded for more Gold Bullion. Gold Bullion can then be traded for the best weapons and armor in the game by trading the three Gold Bullion vendors at each of the main faction HQs. These areas also contain the Gold Press Machines, just FYI.

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