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ZXB-VC, PL Gears For War, and More Political Drama


As the week draws to a close, a lot has happened in New Eden.  Old allies are now shooting each other, political maneuvering, or lack thereof, has led to more defections and betrayal; and what is being called the “last big fight of Dominion SOV” has seen a crushing victory for the CFC.

The major story this week revolves around the system of ZXB-VC.  Where a final station timer was the catalyst for brawl centered around supercapitals that saw nearly 200 billion ISK destroyed on both sides. The brawl was the typical fair for the larger nullsec blocs.  A mix of caps, supers, and subcaps all engaging in various fleets across the system.  Ultimately, the system fell to the CFC after a sustained fight.  The butchers bill for the main fight can be viewed here.

Video of the fight from the CFC persepctive

A statement was released following the fight in celebration from CFC skymarshal Blawrf McTaggart

Today was what will likely be the last gigantic battle of Dominion. We killed 170b and lost 15b~ of shit, our enemies sacrificed upwards of 60 caps and TCUs are onlining within the next two hours in ZXB-VC, the Entrance to Delve. We have our foothold, we’ve kicked down the door, and we’re in.

-Blawrf McTaggart to all at 2015-04-08 23:59:11.908198 EVE

Another interesting characteristic here comes with the interference of HERO coalition, who had been allegedly paid by N3 to assist in fighting the CFC.  This violates the established NIP the CFC had negotiated with HERO previously.  A leaked chat log between CFC and N3 representatives revealed that not only had N3 hired HERO, but that the CFC apparently has “high-level” spies within HERO.  Although this isn’t really news to anyone who knows just how effective the CFC spies are, and just how bad HERO is at catching them.

It remains to be seen just how this will affect the currently reeling HERO coalition.

On that note, BRAVE itself has suffered another loss in the departure of member corporation Hispanic Enterprises.  The newer member announced their intent to leave via this alliance mail.  This continues the trend of slow and steady drops in membership that HERO has suffered after the departure of TEST and folding of Spaceship Samurai.  It is worth noting that all groups go through growth and shrinkage periods such as these, what matters is how the organization deals with the underlying issues.  The nest few weeks will be critical in determining whether they bounce back or fall further.

In a bit of a shocking move, former ally of BRAVE and member of the HERO coalition TEST Alliance, Please Ignore has issued a hard stance on the recent BRAVE coup.  They have blacklisted and issued a KOS (Kill On Sight) order against the members of BRAVE who were allegedly behind the coup.

The final relevant part to this story so far lies with Pandemic Legion and their being hired by the CFC to engage Nulli Secunda in Feythabolis and Esoteria.  Shortly after it was announced by PL and confirmed by the CFC, Nulli issued a public notice that they would be withdrawing from Esoteria into the Feythabolis system of AZN-D2.  This would allow Nulli to worry less about the much less strategically important Esoteria region and focus on a single region’s defense rather than splitting their forces.  This placement would also make it easier for Nulli to respond to a push by PL through the system of C-PEWN.

What this means is that PL now has a choice to make.  Either focus on taking the valuable moons in Esoteria that have now been abandoned for a quick infusion of cash and to deprive Nulli; or to focus on flipping stations to allow them to stage in the area while also setting up for a deeper push into Feythabolis.  I’d expect them to use similar tactics here as they did when pushing BRAVE out of Catch.  Simply use their prowess and numbers to roll as many timers as possible. This would open the door to using some good ole’ deception and meta-gaming, pushing Nulli towards the wrong timers while PL accomplish their objectives.

I’d say the war between CFC + friends vs. N3 + friends is far from over.  But this week has definitely been a bloody one, and will no doubt be remembered as one of the more interesting in recent months.

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