How To Get Black Titanium In Fallout 76

Get Black Titanium In Fallout 76

Power Armor in Fallout 76 is a very useful item. Players will want to get this item, as it’s very useful for combat and exploration. However, there are some very big resource requirements to actually get Power Armor working. You need a Power Armor Station to make the thing work first off, and that’s not easy to get. The Miner Miracles quest is part of that task.

The primary use for Black Titanium in Fallout 76 is to use it for completing a variety of quests, with the most important one being the Miner Miracles quest line. The Miner Miracles begins in the Ash Heap region of the map.  In the south-west corner of Ash Heap is the Garrahan Mining HQ. This is where you begin the quest, and it will ultimately end with the crafting of the Excavator Power Armor. If you want to craft the Excavator Power Armor, you need a lot of resources, including Black Titanium In Fallout 76.

First, head to the Gorge Junkyard workshop in the Forest region. It’s directly east of Vault 76, north of the river and where Route 64 splits into two roads. This location will set you off across multiple different places, hunting Black Titanium In Fallout 76. You will need a lot of it though, so expect a pretty long fight. There is a mining spot for the resource within the junkyard. Place a Black Titanium machine on top of the mining spot and power it up with one large generator.

Defend the generator and mining machinery from attacks, and it will slowly begin to acquire the resources you need. When you’ve got enough, head back to the Garrahan Mining HQ, craft all the Excavator Power Armor pieces and scan the armor to get the blueprint for it.

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