How to complete the Marathon Runner Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Marathon Runner Challenge in BitLife

Completing the Marathon Runner Challenge in BitLife is easy once you’ve figured out what to do. The process is a pretty complicated one, and can take a few tries to get right, but I’m sure you can do it. This challenge is an eclectic mix of different tasks, all revolving around pro sports. You will be flip flopping all over different sports before you find your stride as a pro soccer player. This challenge also has a bit of a curveball at the end. So, keep reading to learn all the things you need to do to complete the Marathon Runner Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Marathon Runner Challenge in BitLife

For you to complete the Marathon Runner Challenge in BitLife, complete these tasks:

  • Become a member of the track team
  • Become a famous soccer player
  • Win more than five championships
  • Successfully run from the cops more than two times

This challenge relies a lot on stats and Sports skills, so you need to fine-tune your character for that. First and foremost, create a character with Sports as the unique attribute or create such a character if you have the God Mode DLC. You will want to focus on fitness as much as possible. Use the Mind&Body tab to go to the Gym and go on walks every year. Also, your education is important for one reason. In middle school, take part in any extracurricular activities related to Sports to get more fitness skills and to keep yourself in tip-top shape.

When you first get to High School, you can choose a sport to play, and you want to become a member of the track team first. This is the first step of the Marathon Runner Challenge in BitLife and will be important to getting it done. Once you’ve tried out and made the team, immediately resign and then go try out for the soccer team. You may have to be on the track team for at least one year before you can quit.

When you get to the point where you can play Soccer, choose to do that. This is especially important in High School, and its equally important that you select the option to try your hardest within the soccer team menu. Your goal is to become a Team Captain when you get the chance, upping your chance of getting a scholarship. You will want to stay on the soccer team throughout High School to maximize your skill in the game.

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How to become a famous soccer player

Being famous in BitLife is mostly a matter of luck. But with all the prep work you’ve done to get your soccer career off the ground, you won’t have too much trouble. The path to being a pro soccer player is a tough one, but you can do a few things to help your chances. When you get out of High School, you could choose to go to College, if you’re lucky you get given a soccer scholarship. If luck is even more on your side, you will be scouted. Once you’re asked to be a team captain, you will eventually be scouted by a recruiter for a professional team. This will allow you to skip the college years and go right to being pro.

Once you make it to the pro level, just focus on playing well. Keep putting in all your effort into your pro career and eventually you will do well enough to become famous.

How to win more than five championships

Once you’ve completed the previous tasks and you’re on a pro soccer team, you’ll likely get the option to play in championship games. However, if you haven’t, just stay on the team and play championship games until you’ve won at least 5 of them.

How to successfully run from the cops more than two times

This is the weirdest part of this challenge. You need to take your life in a turn for the worse. You will need to decide to take a dark path in life and start committing crimes. Choose something somewhat serious like Grand Theft Auto or Burglary via the Crime menu in the Activities tab. When you get caught doing it, and you will, you can choose to run from the cops. If you’re lucky you will get away the first time. If not, just serve your sentence and then do the crime again. You may have to do this more than once to get the RNG-based outcome you want, but it’s not too hard.

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