Chremoas Down in Metropolis


Today, a Chremoas piloted by l0rd carlos died in metropolis to the hands off Delamath93.
Lord Carlos wrote a statement on Reddit, which you can find here, saying that he noticed a Harbinger smart bombing pods in Resbroko. This Harbinger had Warp Core Stabilizers fitted, giving him a bigger chance to escape when being tackled. Lord Carlos decided that he wanted to kill this Harbinger anyway, and so he fitted an extra Warp Scrambler on his loyal Chremoas. He then undocked, cloaked and warped over to the Harbinger’s location. However, just as he decloaked the Harbinger warped out to safety. Lord Carlos choose to get back to the station and log off because downtime was near.

After waiting for downtime to finish, he logged back on and he saw the Harbinger sitting on its spot again. He quickly warped over and tackled the Harbinger, but the pilot of the Harbinger, Delamath93 was prepared as he had a full combat fit ready. This new fit meant that the Chremoas stood no chance, and moments later it exploded in a blaze of glory.

According to zKillboard, this was the third Chremoas to have been killed after they were awarded as one of Alliance Tournament’s 11 prizes.
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