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New PvE Group Content, Altar of Blood, comes to Black Desert Online on July 10th

BDO Altar of Blood

Black Desert Online has a ton of content buried within its game world. With multiple continents, lots of class combinations, and plenty of crafting and other activities to undertake, there’s no shortage of things to do. Now, with the upcoming launch of another free update, the buy-to-play MMO will be adding  new layer of challenging gameplay.

This new additions is the Altar of Blood update. Altar of Blood is a new defensive horde mode where players battle against a gauntlet to prove their worth against a massive glut of powerful foes. Players ranging from level 56 and on can take on this new challenge. There are ten rounds in total, with rewards of varying degrees for each completed phase.

Successful participants will be awarded a ‘Forgotten One’s Legacy’ that can be exchanged for Gold Bars, Black Stones, Caphras Stones and more. One major reward is the chance to grab rare pieces of powerful gear from a randomized loot system. Basically it’s a loot box of power.

Be warned as these are not easy fights, especially in the later rounds. Players will need all of their wits and skill to come out on top. But don’t worry if you fail, because you can retry by trading in a new item, Nightmare’s Fragments. These artifacts can be traded to redo any failed round. Nightmare’s Fragments can be made by simple alchemy using 40 Black Energy Residue and 1 Memory Fragment.

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If you want to take a look at the new mode, check it out in some gameplay footage down below.

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