How to complete the Honey Honey Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Honey Honey Challenge in BitLife

The new weekly challenge is live this weekend, and things are really heating up! So take a break from that summer heat and try out this new gameplay feature with us. The challenges stick around for a few days, so you have time to get them done.  And with our guides, you won’t be lost for what to do. This challenge is pretty simple, but has some potentially confusing steps baked in. You’re going to be working with a lot of very sweet creatures, in a way, so let’s get to work! Keep reading to learn more about how to finish the Honey Honey Challenge in BitLife and earn your reward.

How to complete the Honey Honey Challenge in BitLife

Here are the steps you need to finish to complete the Honey Honey Challenge in BitLife:

Start by making a female character, and choosing Fargo, USA as your starting City. Once you’ve made your character, it’s time to get started.

The first thing you need to do is get the relevant degree. Getting into the beekeeper job requires a bit of academic work. You likely have to have a Biology degree, so work on doing that. Make sure to have high Smarts, as this will help out a lot. As you age up, focus on school as much as you can. Do well in school by using the Study Hard option to improve your grades. The better you do here, the easier it will be to earn your degree. You could even try taking on extracurricular activities to ease your entry into higher education. When you get into college, it’s time to pick the correct major, again Biology is what you want to go for. Some folks report that you can get the job to spawn without the degree, but having a relevant degree seems to increase the chances of getting the job when you apply.

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Once you graduate with that fresh new degree, it’s time to go on the job hunt. Head to the Jobs menu and then click on the Full-Time Jobs section. If you see the Beekeeper option there, great, grab it. If not, head to the Recruiter and see if the job comes up that way. If you can’t get it to spawn, reset the app or age up to refresh the job listings.

You then need to be a little bit promiscuous. This process having a fling with three people while working as a beekeeper. That’s pretty simple, head to the Love menu within Relationships and pick a partner. You don’t have to be too selective, just pick whoever. Having a baby with only one of the hookups is the hardest part of all this. The easiest way to get this done is to use protection with all but one of the hookups, and then ignore it for the last one. That will make it much less likely that you get pregnant from the other steps in this process.

Once you’re pregnant, just focus on keeping the relationship together for a few years while you save up for your move to Greece. You can save up a few thousand bucks, and then move. To move cities in BitLife, you will need to use the Emigrate option under Activities. You will then be given an option to change to a new country. Choose Athens as your destination and pay the moving fees.  Once that’s done, you’re good to go and have finished the Honey Honey Challenge in BitLife.

Keep in mind, there’s also a new daily quest out right now that has to do with divorce that you might want to check out.

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