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Where to Find The Master Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Get the Master Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Master Ball is a unique Poké Ball in Pokemon Sword and ShieldWhen you toss it, you’ll have a 100 percent chance of capturing whatever Pokémon you throw it at. It’s a must-have item for any trainer that wants to make a serious run at capturing the rarest of Pokémon. Getting the Master Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield is something you will want to do at some point, but it will not be a simple task.

There are two ways to get the Master Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield, both are somewhat difficult though, so you won’t be able to snag them right away. And since it’s such a limited item, you absolutely should save the Master Ball for capturing the Legendary of your choice.

Battle Tower

The first way to get a Master Ball is to complete the game. And by that, I mean complete the entire Battle Tower and become the Galar Champion. This means you will first need to collect all 8 of the Gym badges and beginning the trek up the Battle Tower. The final boss Leon is no pushover, so come with your best team.

If you manage to beat Leon, you can enter the hall of fame.

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Return home after your victory, and Professor Magnolia should be there to meet you. She’ll hand you the Master Ball after a short conversation.


The other most common means of getting the Master Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield is to win one. You can obtain another Master Ball by winning it through the Loto-ID system. Simply head back to the computer in the Pokémon Center each day, the clock resets every 24 hours, and claim the daily prize. There’s a very small chance to grab a Master Ball.

The system is a holdover from the older 3DS titles, so it could take weeks of checking to win one. Although if you get very lucky, you could end up with two.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are both out now for the Nintendo Switch. Go grab either Pokemon Shield or Pokemon Sword now. You can also grab a double pack with both games if you want to experience all of the exclusive content.

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