How to use the Yokai transform in Nioh 2

How to respec your character and skills in Nioh 2

With the Yokai in Nioh 2, this secretive and demonic power will unlock your true potential. Your character in Nioh 2 has a Yoki Guardian spirit that augments their talents and allows them to fight demons and other foes amid a spreading supernatural crisis. Changing into the various forms allows the player to gain a massive boost to their stats and take on much tougher foes, here’s a guide on how to use the Yokai transform in Nioh 2.

On the top left of your screen, you have your health, ki, and Amina bars. At the base of those three bars is a circle, that’s the meter for your the Yokai transform in Nioh 2. The meter is located around your Health, Stamina, and Anima bar. Once it fills up, press Triangle then Circle on the PS4 controller to shift.

You can also prolong the shift by walking through the pools of goo that enemies leave behind. Hold Triangle to absorb them for a damage boost, or hold R1 and R2 to prolong of your Yokai Shift.

Doing this will transfer you into your chosen Yokai Shift Form. That’s set unless you change it. To change your Yokai Shift Form, you have to change your Guardian Spirit. To do this, go to a Shrine (it can also be the Shrine at the Starting Point). Select the Guardian that has the Yokai Shift Form type you wish to use and jump back into the fighting.

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How Many Nioh 2 Yokai Shift Forms Are There?

There are three different Yokai Shift Forms in Nioh 2 at the start: Feral, Phantom, and Brute. Each of these unlocks after certain story missions, for example, the first Brute spirit you’ll come across unlocks after the third mission in Nioh 2.

The Feral Spirit is all about speeding around the map and dodging damage. This fast little boy is hard to hit but easy to control. The Feral combat style focuses on lightning-fast combos that quickly finish up an enemy then move out of range before being hit. Dart in and out and slash enemies to ribbons.

By contrast, the Brute is all about raw power.

The Phantom is your ranged option, this Yokai form focuses on using arrows, magic projectiles and other attacks to peck away at enemies with safety in mind. Of course, there are some trade-offs. It’s not as tanky as the other forms, but it does have some unique abilities which let it teleport closer to enemies for quick strikes, like the

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