The Witcher 3 Infinite Money Glitch/Item Duplication

The Witcher 3 Infinite Money Glitch/Item Duplication
This glitch/exploit has been tested on 1.60+ on the Xbox One, and would seemingly work on any other version.

There have been a ton of different exploits for The Witcher 3. CD Projekt RED packed in a ton of things to do in the latest adventures of Geralt of Rivia. This massive open-world RPG has a lot of moving parts, with its living economy, intelligent ecology and myriad characters, there’s a ton of potential here. But given the massive size of the game, there’s bound to be bugs and glitches.

One of the areas that is often heavily exploited in games such as this is the item duplication. The pathway to infinite wealth is an alluring call for many RPG fans, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has had it’s fair share of bugs. But it’s also had patches in equal measure, aimed squarely at stopping you dirty cheaters. All the other common exploits from earlier versions of the game appear to have been patched, with only one easily accessible glitch remaining.

From the infamous Bovine Defense Force, to the tax collector randomly popping up, CD Projekt has done a fair bit to curtail exploits in The Witcher 3. The developer clearly wants players to experience the game as it was designed, and fair enough. But sometimes, you just need a little extra help. When players reach to difficult end-game of The Witcher 3, they often find themselves needing a fair few Gold Crowns to keep their gear upgraded and in good shape. Enter this new glitch for plenty of money, crafting materials, runes and other loot in The Witcher 3.

Just head around the world until you find a Monster Nest, this is now your personal loot pinata. The glitch involves a few steps:

  1. Clear the Monster Nest of all enemies, but DO NOT loot corpses around yet.
  2. Use a bomb to destroy the Nest, then kill the monsters that spawn.
  3. Loot the Nest, leaving one item behind, this will allow you to exit the Nest loot menu without disabling the Nest.
  4. Meditate via the menu for 48-72 hours. (DO NOT FAST TRAVEL)
  5. The Nest loot should respawn, allowing you to loot the same stuff a second time.
  6. As long as you leave one item behind each time, you can repeat this glitch by just constant Meditating.
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Here’s a video guide for those that want it.


This works for any Monster Nest in the game, not just specific ones. Although you do need to be careful of a couple of problems.

Firstly, this exploit seems to be somewhat inconsistent. There’s a chance that the loot table will bug out after Meditating and the loot will not repopulate after waiting around. It seems to be entirely random, but certain Monster Nests appear to stop respawning loot, even if an item is left behind. It’s possible to sometimes restart the glitch by waiting around for more time, but once the loot stops respawning after 6-7 days of waiting, you know this Nest is tapped. In my tests I found that the starter nests around White Orchard stopped respawning after 3-5 repetitions. Although with the quality of the loot, it was an easy few thousand Gold Crowns at the start of the game.

Also, I tested this exploit on all the White Orchard Monster Nests. And be careful of the one near the battlefield for the Brother Missing quest. This area will spawn a massive pack of Wild Dogs after a few days. Going back from this Monster Nest back to White Orchard poses a challenge.


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