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Pokémon Go introduces new wave of Sinnoh Pokémon

Pokémon Go New Sinnoh Update

Pokémon Go has another wave of new digital friends for you to capture this week as another update to the mobile game adds a bunch of new Sinnoh region Pokémon. In total, Niantic included 14 new Generation 4 Pokémon to the game, here’s the full list:

  • Cranidos (Pokedex #408)
  • Rampardos (Pokedex #409)
  • Shieldon (Pokedex #410)
  • Bastiodon (Pokedex #411)
  • Combee (Pokedex #415)
  • Vespiqueen (Pokedex #416)
  • Ambipom (Pokedex #424)
  • Glameow (Pokedex #431)
  • Purugly (Pokedex #432)
  • Lickilicky (Pokedex #463)
  • Tangrowth (Pokedex #465)
  • Yanmega (Pokedex #469)
  • Gallade (Pokedex #475)
  • Froslass (Pokedex #478)

It’s interesting that several of these new additions, namely Ambipom, Froslass, Gallade, Lickilicky, Tangrowth, and Yanmega, are all evolved forms of already included Pokémon. This means that players just need to dump some Candy into their already caught base forms of these Evolutions to bump them up to the new form.

This latest batch was announced via Twitter, and since this is only the second Sinnoh wave, we can definitely expect more in the coming weeks with future game updates.

Niantic teased the launch of Gen 4 months ago, and has been slowly adding in bits of the expanded roster since October 2018. And in case you don’t remember it, we included the trailer Niantic made to announced Gen 4 down below, go check it out.

In that time though, Gen 4 hasn’t been the only new content added to Pokémon Go. Pokémon themselves have also received balance changes which may upset the game’s tier list. On top of this, there are also new moves available to learn through Fast TMs and Charged TMs.

Other updates to the game have included the long-awaited inclusion of trainer PvP. There was also a string new Raids which included some brand new Legendary Poke friends. And of course there’s the Swinub Community Day which is set to kick off on February 16 at 11am PST. And just like other events, it will include a rare chance to grab both the evolved form Mamoswine, and Shiny variants of both forms.

Pokémon Go is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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