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Super Mario Maker 2 gets Nintendo Direct news, finally has online-versus mode

Super Mario Maker 2 News Revealed

It’s finally happened, Super Mario Maker 2 finally got some more news, something Mario fans have been waiting on for months. The new comes as part of a new Nintendo Direct broadcast which ran earlier today.

One major addition that is sure to excite fans is the inclusion of full online modes, both cooperatively and competitively. Super Mario Maker 2 will allows teams and solo players to test each others levels and run them as they’re being shared, allowing for you and your friends to test out their puzzle design skills and the strength of your bonds as one of you inevitably tries to drive everyone else up a wall in madness.

That’s not all either, the game will have more than 100 pre-built levels, all created and handpicked by Nintendo developers to offer a wide array of challenges and to showcase just how incredible the levels you create can be. Although given previously impressive creative efforts, like creating a full turn-based RPG combat system in the first game, it’s going to be hard to find the limits of what this game can achieve.

There is a potential spot of bother for some gamers though, as the game will obviously require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription for the online portions to work. Luckily there are a few options available for those picking up this game with that gameplay in mind. Nintendo is making available a $70 bundle which includes both the new game and a 12-month sub code for the Online service, which is a 50% discount on the typical $20 for a 12-month subscription price. Nintendo did not clarify if the game uses any kind of DRM or always-online checks to verify content that’s been downloaded or created though, so be on the lookout for clarification about that.

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Although it’s a pretty sure bet that the big N will gate as much of the online portion behind a valid sub to their online service as they can. So expect things like uploading and sharing of levels, as well as the obvious online modes, to be locked for those without valid subscriptions.

Some more good news is that the palette of colors, tools and pre-made assets in Super Mario Maker 2 is being massively expanded compared to the Wii U original. The expanded tools include basic building blocks like slopes, animated “snake” platforms, and on-off switches; level-altering tweaks like auto-scrolling world movements, varying water levels, and even the ability to alter level physics entirely. That’s just the teaser of course, dozens of new options exist within the varied and powerful level creation suite of Super Mario Maker 2.

You can check out the full Nintendo Direct presentation for the game down below. Super Mario Maker 2 is due to launch exclusively on the Switch in just a few scant weeks, on June 28 at a standard $60 retail price. If you want to see more of the game, wait until June 8th when Nintendo hosts an invitational tournament live at E3 2019 to showcase the new game.

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